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What is a Container Ship?

what is container ship

Container ships are the primary vessels for transporting standardized shipping containers. The features of this ship include large open decks and specialized container holds which facilitate efficient loading and unloading at ports with container handling facilities. Container ships are widely used to transport different goods, including consumer goods, electronics, clothing, and more.

Key Features of Container Ship:

  • Using standardized shipping containers (TEU-Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit and FEU-Forty-foot Equivalent Unit) in container ships enables a seamless and efficient cargo handling process. These containers can be easily transferred when switching between different transport modes without unloading and repacking. Which in turn saves time, reduces the risk of damage, and minimizes labor costs.
  • Since these ships have open decks, there is sufficient space to stack containers, often it can hold 7 or 8 high on the deck. This enables the transportation of large quantities of goods in a single voyage.
  • Efficient loading and unloading processes using specialized cranes and equipment minimize delays and costs associated with cargo handling.
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