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What is Chemical Tankers?

What is Chemical Tankers

Chemical tankers transport a wide range of chemicals in bulk. They have separate tanks to transport different chemicals simultaneously. These vessels have advanced safety and containment systems to handle hazardous cargo. They transport a variety of chemicals, like acids, alcohols, and other hazardous liquids.

Key Features of Chemical tankers:

  • Multiple segregated tanks help to transport different chemicals simultaneously without risk of contamination with each tank having its own loading and unloading system, including pumps and pipelines.
  • Tanks are made of stainless steel or coated with specialized materials to prevent corrosion and chemical reactions.
  • Advanced cleaning systems to avoid contamination
  • Advanced safety features like Inert Gas Systems to maintain the non-flammable atmosphere and reduce the risk of explosion, Ventilation Systems to control fumes and prevent the buildup of dangerous gases, and Monitoring Systems to continuously monitor the cargo and detect any leaks or temperature changes are present.
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