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What are Livestock Carriers?

What are Livestock Carriers

Livestock carriers transport live animals like cattle, sheep, horses, etc. over long distances. These ships come with all the required facilities to ensure the health and well-being of the animals during transit.

Key Features of Livestock Carriers:

  • Consists of advanced ventilation systems to provide fresh air and maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels, making the voyage comfortable for the animals.
  • Automated feeding and watering systems are present to make animals stay hydrated and receive adequate nutrition.
  • Livestock carriers include features like non-slip floors, secure pens, and enough space for animals to move and lie down. This helps in minimizing any potential injuries.
  • These carriers also consist of waste management systems to handle animal waste effectively, which helps in maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of disease. These systems include drainage and disposal mechanisms to handle animal waste safely.
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