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King Abdul Aziz Port, Dammam

King Abdul Aziz Port is the second-largest port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the third-largest and busiest port in the Middle East and North Africa region, following the Jeddah Islamic Port. This port is a significant export hub for the oil industry and a pivotal distribution center for major inland cities and plays a key role in connecting global trade routes. With its strategic location and advanced facilities, King Abdul Aziz Port continues to drive economic growth and facilitate trade, making it an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s economic landscape.

Shipping port in Saudi Arabia-King Abdulaziz Port, Dammam

Decimal: 26.499355091370873, 50.20587622500429

Coordinates: 26°29′19″N 50°12′4″E

Location: F6W4+R9X، Dammam 32211, Saudi Arabia

No. of berths: 43

Owned by: Saudi Ports Authority

Phone: +966138583199

Fax: +966138571727


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