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Jazan Port

Jazan Port, Saudi Arabia’s third-largest port, serves as the primary entry point for livestock imports from Africa. Opened in 1976, the port is strategically located near the Bab Al Mandab Strait, facilitating trade routes between Europe, the Far East, the Arabian Gulf, and East Africa. With 12 berths and three approach channels, the port ensures safe navigation for vessels. It features passenger terminals at Jazan Port and Farasan Island, catering to both commercial and passenger traffic. The port has undergone significant development, including the construction of additional berths, levees, a control tower, power substations, warehouses, fueling stations, a desalination plant, and administrative and residential facilities.

Shipping port in Saudi Arabia-Jazan Port

Established: 1976 

Decimal: 16.887359045791943, 42.54037913749846

Coordinates: 16.9000° 42.5500° 

Location: طريق الملك فهد، الميناء،, Jazan 82713, Saudi Arabia


No. of berths: 12

Owned by: Saudi Ports Authority

Tel: +966173221389 

Fax: +966173170777


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